Saturday, August 30, 2014

One day to go...

Next to the last day today - it was chilly... I had to wear my flannel-lined pants.  Overcast and rain this morning, but it dried up before my trip today.  Still, I took my raingear - if I take it, it won't rain.  Well, that's what I'm going with.

I had a good whale report before boarding the guests.  Oh, there was some north/south stuff on their part, but I knew we could get to them.  I expected a bunch of boats to be on the whales today, but on my way down San Juan Channel, I got a report of transients by the Chain Islets (near Discovery Island, off Vancouver Island) - that would take care of the Victoria boats (cutting the number by half).

When we got to the whales, it was some of J and K Pod - they were spread out over several miles.  We were one of two boats on a group of three, and the other boat didn't stay for long.  There were a couple private boats that came and went, but we had these whales mostly to ourselves...

There was plenty of surface activity.  Another day with nearly calm water... my back is still sore from the other day, when it wasn't so calm.  Nice weather, cooperative whales.

One more day to go.  What are the odds...??


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