Saturday, August 2, 2014

Transients, eh?

Another fine day of whale watching.  The residents are hiding out, but we got a report of transients in the Strait of Georgia (in Canada), heading south.  A long ways to go, but at least they are heading towards us.  Well, they were.  They turned north.  Then west.  Then east.  Doesn't matter - that's where we're going.  The only other whale report was WAY west.  Beyond our range.

We took off with a full boat.  I had checked with the guests before departure, and everyone was OK if the trip ran a bit long.  And, we were off the dock early... one in a row!

We had a report from a boat in the area that they had one foot chop.  This is what we saw all along the way...

Blissfully calm water.

The Transients were more surface-oriented than usual.  When we first got there, we saw a couple breaches, a somersault, a belly-roll, and a bunch of tail-lobs.  No, I don't have any photos of that - I was getting the boat positioned and didn't think of photos until later.  Then, I took these...

The naturalist onboard told me she took a good photo of one of the breaches - she is supposed to send me a file.  If so, I'll post it.  She owes me - I sent her files last week.  ;-)

A lovely day out on the water.  This is the first time this season, where I made the whole trip without a jacket or a fleece vest.  Nice!

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