Thursday, October 23, 2014

A break...

We needed it - today, we took a break from babysitting workers.

The main thing left to get done is the dock.  Our builder starts on that this morning, and we know we don't have to be here to make sure it is being done the way we want.

This morning, Joan said, "How about let's go out for breakfast?"  Didn't take me long to say, "Sure!"  As we were driving out, we met Pete (the builder) on his way to our place... "Call if you need us for anything."

We drove across the Causeway and had a leisurely breakfast on South Padre Island.  Not wanting to head right home, I suggested a walk.  We drove north to the nature trail by the SPI Convention Center.

I miss the Orcas...

Not sure how Wyland picked what whales for his famous "Whaling Walls," but I have never seen Orcas in the Gulf... but this wall always makes me smile.

From there, it was the walkway across the marsh to the Laguna Madre...

A blessedly gorgeous day here in the Tropical Tip - it was in the 70s when we first got up, but was still 77º around 9:30 when we were walking here.

Heading south on the island, Joan said, "Let's drive by the boat sales place at the marina and pick up a new annual pass for the park."  Who am I to argue with that?

No, I don't have any immediate plans to put a boat at our new dock - I will be happy to get the kayaks and paddleboard out again, though.  We drove into the county park at the southern tip of the island - not many RVs there right now; the summer people have mostly left, the winter people aren't here, yet.

Not much of a crowd on the beach...

And by that, I mean: there were about a dozen "early winter Texans" and a few surfers.  Weekday in late October - so quiet.

We walked a bit, then headed back for home.  Across the Causeway...

Two and a half miles across the Causeway.  The water was quiet and a pretty shade of blue-green.  Joan said, "With all we've been dealing with with the house, seeing this pretty view reminds me of what brought us here in the first place."


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