Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dock-ter, Dock-ter, give me the news...

We are having some work done on the house.  Our builder contacted us today, letting us know he is back.  We discussed the work on the house and then asked about replacing our dock.  He suggested we replace the wood with the tec-stuff... not inexpensive, but it doesn't deteriorate like wood; doesn't need to be stained or sealed.  No splinters.  We are going with the vinyl railings, like around our deck.

I had a number in my head about what it might cost.  Take that and multiply it by 2.  It needs to be done.  The dock was here when we bought the lot.  We added to it when we built the house.  I am guessing the main part of the dock is about 20 years old.  The weather in the Tropical Tip has done a number on the wood.

We went to Pete's house (the builder) to look at his dock.  Yep, that stuff looks good.  We agreed and shook hands.  He said he'd bring a contract by for us to sign.  I had to run a short errand, and when I got back home, Joan said, "You should probably get your paddle board off the dock - they are already tearing the old one out."

Well that was quick.

Literally, they had the railings cut off and were pulling up the rest.  I told the builder, "Um, I changed my mind - I kinda like my old dock just the way it was."

Fortunately, he appreciates my sense of humor.  ;-)

I'm guessing the new dock won't go up as fast as the old one came out.

Good thing I got some paddling in this morning - it's going to be a little dicey launching from what's left of the dock... for a while.


Charlie-Captain's Cat said...

Good decision!

Charlie-Captain's Cat said...

What's your tide range there Jim?

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Charlie. It is generally less than a 2 foot swing. We get our full moon extreme highs and the occasional storm surge. Fixed docks are the norm here.