Sunday, October 5, 2014

Heading south. And the wind is...

... blowing out of the south.  Naturally.

We rolled through the Fort Worth area without even having to touch the brakes - traffic was light.  We stopped at my new second favorite fuel stop: QT, where the price for diesel was about 30¢ per gallon less than other stations in the vicinity.  We knew to just go right to the big rig lanes.  When I paid at the fuel desk, I asked the cashier if their prices were always this competitive or if there was a "gas war" going on.

"We're always the lowest price around.  Look at all the cars and trucks - people like our prices."


Thanks to the headwind, we logged 9.7 miles per gallon.  The rest of the drive was typical Texas I-35 busy.  For those who haven't driven this stretch, it is mostly urban from north of Dallas/Fort Worth to south of San Antonio.  There are almost always traffic jams in the bigger cities, with the worst generally being at Austin.  There is quite a bit of construction along this stretch.  Signs along the Interstate read: "One day you're really going to like I-35.  Until then, drive careful."

We are going to spend a couple nights around Buda.  Yes, there is a nice big Cabela's here, but there are also quite a few RV dealers within an easy drive.

We are ready for a change, but we aren't going to make any snap decisions.  What we have right now is very comfortable, with great road manners.  We'd like to go with something smaller, but there is that fine balance between space and comfort.

We'll see how it goes. 

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