Friday, October 17, 2014

I got bills, they're multiplyin'...

And, I'm loosing control.
'Cause the money, I'm supplyin'
It's electrifyin'.

Apologies to John Farrar, who wrote that song for Grease.

We had a plan: let's update the dock.  We knew what that would cost.  Then, the discussion of composite material instead of wood.  Oh, and you probably want white composite railings on that to match the house.  By the way, we seem to have a little leak on a bedroom window.  Oh, those hurricane shutters are going to have to come off of there - we'll get the shutter guy out to handle that.

Oh, we took the old dock out, and you better come look at this (never a good thing to hear) - your seawall cap is in bad shape.  I can get a concrete guy out here to pour a new cap for this, but we're going to have to get right on it - you don't want to have to cut out the composite stuff once we put it down - that stuff is expensive.

As long as the shutter guy is here, can he take a look at another shutter that is moving up and down hard?

Did you notice that the fridge is making a funny noise?  (You mean like the horn on a clown car?  No, I didn't think so.)  Jim, the guys from the appliance place are here to look at the fridge.  This is acting weird - I haven't seen one of these do this.  We'll order a part and let you know when it will be in and how much it will cost.  Will that part fix the problem?  I hope so.  We unplugged it and plugged it back in, and it's working now - but we'll still order the part.  Swell.

The shutter guy had to leave - he will order parts and get back to you.  On those white railings for the dock, do you want the top rail horizontal or vertical?  Horizontal?  Oh, I ordered them vertical - let me call them.  The concrete guy didn't call back yet, but I know another guy.  (There's always another guy... and another bill... I swear, these guys are like the medical profession, always calling in another specialist... and another bill.)

My money is disappearing like... greased lightning.


MarkJ said...

Time to ditch the land dwelling and head back out!!! Shouldn't have sold the boat......

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Mark. We have just a bit more room in the house. ;-) AND, every boat we have owned needs regular maintenance. And every RV. Every car. Even the scooters. All said, I would rather keep my money, but you gotta do what needs being done.