Sunday, October 19, 2014


No, I'm not comparing my age to the averages.

We built our house here in the Tropical Tip eleven years ago.  I am pretty sure everything we put in the house had a 10 year life span.  I wrote about the fridge.  Joan knew that the garbage disposal was going to be due for a change out and had ordered a new one last week.  It came in Friday.

Today was NGDD: new garbage disposal day.

I have mentioned in the past that Joan is our plumber.  My specialty is comic relief and looking pretty.  Joan thinks doing electrical work falls into my jurisdiction, too.  So, we worked together on getting the disposal installed...

I wired it up and did the lifting.  Joan did the plumbing.  We are a good team.  It works.

And no one had to look at "plumber butt."


On another front, the cement crew finished jackhammering our seawall cap today.  I am SO glad to not have to hear that racket up close and personal.  I was amazed that they worked on a Sunday.  Tomorrow, they build the forms; Tuesday, they pour.

The hurricane shutter guy is supposed to come back on Tuesday, too.  IF that all goes down as it is supposed to (rare), the builder can get our dock done by the end of the week.  I will be happy to get our "no schedule" life back.


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