Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our new favorite "destination"...

We left the RV park associated with the RV dealer this morning.  Destination: home.

Little Izzy was asking, "Where is home?"

"Wherever Mommy and Daddy are."  I don't think that was the answer she wanted.

First stop today: Buc-ee's.  Yes, this is my new favorite "destination."  We picked up a couple breakfast burritos, used their "super clean restrooms" (seriously, they are as nice as anything you'd see in a very upscale hotel/casino), but the best part: the price for fuel.  We saw diesel prices along the way from $3.49 to $3.89; the price at Buc-ee's...

Yeah, $3.12.9... 57¢ per gallon less than the gas station across the road; why would anyone go there??

I saw this sign inside the store...

Our timing was good for traffic as we rolled through San Antonio.  We considered another stop at an RV dealer or two, but decided to point the truck for home.  It was 90º, humidity about 375%, when we backed the HitchHiker into the storage unit.  We plugged it in, loaded a few things into the truck, and headed for home.  The Love Shack needs to be cleaned: we drove through rain a time or six in the past week, and several thousand bugs met their demise on that formerly shiny front cap.

One more move-in... we unloaded the stuff from the truck into the house, and fully opened the place up.  Hurricane shutters are up.  Patio furniture is on the deck.  We are ready to stay her for a while.

Izzy said, "Yeah, this is home."

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