Monday, October 27, 2014

Railings and dolphins...

The workers were back this morning, working on the railings and trim...

I am told there will be steps... "pretty soon."

I am liking the way it is looking.

Joan has started working on the interior around the bedroom windows... the leak didn't do much, but taking the windows out means we have to reseal around those windows and repaint the walls in that area.

So, after lunch, it was off to get the supplies to get after that job.

On the way across the swing bridge, we saw some dolphins playing in the water near the bridge.  No, we didn't get a photo - there was traffic behind us, so we couldn't stop.  On the way back in, the dolphins were still there; must be some good "fishing" by our bridge today...

Joan shot that with her phone.  Look close, there is a dot near the lower center... yeah, that is one of the dolphins.  Goodness, they look really small after spending the summer viewing Orcas.  ;-)

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