Wednesday, October 8, 2014


No, we're not going anywhere... at least, not for a while.

Maybe it was my previous post, about our water being turned off for a few hours.  No idea why, but Joan did notice that the fire hydrants on our island had trenches around them when we first came in yesterday.

This afternoon, we were in our nice cool house, staying out of the oppressive humidity outside (temp was 91º,  heat index made it feel like 102º).  And then: click... the TV went out.  The washing machine quit.  The ceiling fans started to wind down.

No electricity!  Now what?

I went to our main breaker to see if it had popped.  Nope.  I checked with the neighbors next door - yep, their power is out, too.  Nice to know it isn't just us.  OK, not all that nice... it won't take long for that outside heat to find its way inside.

About an hour later, click.  The power was back on.  As the TV came back on, the local newscast was talking about "rolling blackouts in the Valley."  Seems that we are using more power than usual.  Not surprising, since these are August temperatures in October.

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