Tuesday, December 22, 2015


We got a call from the RV park manager today... we have to move our cargo trailer.  Let me state this publicly: Cotton Lane RV and Golf Resort discriminates against cargo trailer enabled Americans.  It isn't bad enough that we have to pay an extra fee on toll roads or when transiting by ferry.  Can you imagine in this day and age, an RV park that won't allow you to bring your stuff with you as you RV across this great country of ours?

For the record, we have run into this situation with this particular park before.  We have stayed in other RV parks because of this asinine policy of theirs.  That's right - they would rather loose the income than allow a nice-looking, color-matched cargo trailer to remain with the RV.  We read through their new rules book.  Yes, they have a rules book.  It doesn't say ANYTHING in there about not allowing a cargo trailer.  I thought they may have come to their senses.  I would be mistaken.  They continue their bigoted anti-cargo-trailer policy.

What's the big deal?  Thanks for asking.  We like to have our scooters with us.  The cargo trailer is how we haul them.  It is also their "garage" when we are in an RV park for a while.  No, this park would rather we leave our stuff out in the weather than have them safely put away.  Oh, you can put up a crappy shed.  Or, have an RV with body damage and ugly faded gelcoat.  (We have that right behind us.)  Some parks have a policy about not allowing RVs older than 10 years, unless approved by the management.  No sign of that here.  We could put out all manner of ratty camp chairs, dog pens, or home-made yard decorations... just don't even think of bringing an attractive cargo trailer in here!

So, we had to borrow a truck (thanks to one of Steph's friends) and move the cargo trailer into a storage lot (for more $$).  The weather is supposed to be crappy for the next week or so, so we put the scooters in Steph and Dan's garage.  For now, if we want to go for a ride, we have to drive the car to their place to get the scoots.  Yeah, a first world problem... just one that makes absolutely no sense.  Thus, I will post about it here.  And complain on Trip Advisor.  And give the park a low rating on the various campground review sites.

Joan thought they may have turned over a new leaf, since the crappy old manager is now gone.  Nope.

Imagine, having to put those sweet scooters outside during these cold desert nights.  Almost inhumane, huh?  Well, some people don't care about doing what's right... they just want to make up rules that benefit NO ONE.  And discriminate against the cargo trailer enabled.  Right here in the good ol' US of A.  (Cue the flag unfurling and the marching band music!)


Bob said...

Hey you two, next time you are near Boulder City, Nevada - bring the cat, bring the cargo trailer, bring the SUP, the Drone and the Aspen. Stay at our place, I will be sure to have 30 amps for sure, water hookup and a dump for your toilet. And a flat level concrete parking space that is longer than your new rig. And a key to the house and a pool that is colder right now than our fridg and one meal for sure out and all you want at home. And a trip to Vegas to see the lights or do something fun. And a trip to Lake Mead which is four miles from the house. And we can try to hit the Colorado River by spitting from the leeward side of the old bridge. Seems like a good deal to me, better than a grumpy RV park. Bob and Kyung

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks for the invite. This park frustrates me, but the BIG thing it has going for it: it is close to our daughter's place.

Boulder City sure has grown since we first saw it in the early 90s. Not sure when our travels will take us that way next.

Happy Holidays!

M. J. Shelton said...

What a crock! Kinda like here at HIV. So how high is 15.2 ft from the crown of the road? And if they repave as predicted? Then can I build an addition on the top? Geez.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Ah, MJ, welcome to south Texas. And dealing with all the entities that get to make decisions on what YOU want to do. I just checked... 15.2 feet from the crown of the road is just a bit over 15 feet. From the crown of the road. Not to worry, though, because that rule will change... maybe before you get the roof structure up, but certainly before the house is done. Then, it will change again. Right after your house is done. But, certainly before the neighbor begins to build. Then, you will shrug your shoulders while he frets about what to build. Go fishing. Take Gracie and Yogi for a walk. Pour an adult beverage, and let the builder worry about about crowns and all that stuff! ;-)