Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Have you hugged your RV lately?

We made a trip to the storage unit today - swapped some stuff out, brought home some sweatshirts and stuff we didn't think we'd be needing in the Tropical Tip.  Also gave me the chance to make sure all is well with the motorhome.  Yeah, it is.

Our little house is comfy.  Lots of windows facing the canal... which means we have a view to the west.  The view lately has been gray skies and occasional drizzle.  Wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts.  With night-time lows in the low 50s, we turned on the heat last night; first time since we've been home.

For the record, we ran heat in the RV almost every night this past summer on San Juan Island.  We expect that.  And, yes, we expect to run heat occasionally here, too.  Just seems that we went from hot to chilly with no in-between.  I think we had one day where we had the windows open, with no heat or air conditioning running.

RVs aren't insulated as well as most houses.  But, you can move on to where the weather better suits your clothes.  ;-)

Getting short again.


Joan just pulled up the 10 day forecast: after tomorrow, we're supposed to have days of sunshine!  In the words of the philosopher Emily Letila... "Oh, well that's different.  Nevermind."


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