Monday, December 7, 2015

Lighted Golf Cart Parade...

I missed the boat parade on Saturday.  The Lighted Golf Cart Parade is easy, even for sickly ol' me... we can see them cross the bridge from our deck, then go to the front of the house to watch them drive by.

There is a limit to how much stuff you can put on a golf cart.  This parade always makes me laugh, though... seems there are regular stops as they make their way through the resort... stops for hot toddies.  Well, you don't need hot toddies tonight - it was shirt-sleeve weather.

I decided to augment the exposure with a bit of flash, to keep the image from being a blur of lights.  This cart was leaving behind a trail of bubbles...

Of course, some are more decorated than others.

The rowdy ones were at the end - Santa pirates... 'cause it's an island... so, you have to have some pirates.  "Ho! Ho! Ho! Arrrrggggghh!"  Check out the pirate boots...

Someone has to be on the "Naughty List" - and they were enjoying it.



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