Monday, December 7, 2015

My Honey knows...

I stayed home - got in a nap while Joan went to the store.  When she got back, she said, "You look miserable."

"Thanks for noticing."

"Do you feel up to going out for a burger?  We can take it to the beach," she said.

"That sounds great."

You know I am sick when Joan drives.  We swung by the WhatABurger on the island, then drove down to the beach.  It is a beautiful day: sunny, light breeze, the high is supposed to be around 70º.

When we got home, she said, "Do you feel up to taking your drone out to play?"

I started in the lot across the street...

Then flew it over to our canal...

All this upright stuff made me feel like taking on a new challenge - I drove around the village to get snips of video of the island.  Yeah, it wore me out... I came home tired and sweaty.

I dropped the video clips into iMovie.  With a little studying, I am convinced I don't know anything about that program.


I only heard "The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys" a half dozen times today.  When guys said it, they also wanted to know "How much did that thing cost?"

Two neighbor guys were driving by and stopped.  "Does that thing have a camera in it?"

"Yep, 4K video and stills."

Then he said, "You hear that, Joe?  You better not run around nude."

To which I responded, "He's right, Joe.  Don't run around nude - nobody wants to see that!  Your wife and I were talking about that.  Nobody.  Just don't do it."  ;-)

It's akin to washing your car or waxing the RV: everybody thinks it is funny to stop and say, "I'll bring mine by next."  Yeah, that's not funny.  Ever.

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