Thursday, December 3, 2015

OK, that was close...

While enjoying the sunshine this morning, we heard the sounds of a helicopter... getting closer and closer.  Not completely unusual, but they generally just pass over our island - the Coast Guard station is across the Laguna Madre from us (about 2 miles, as the pelican flies).

This time, the helicopter stopped and hovered over the undeveloped side of our island.  For quite a while.  And, made repeated passes.

We know a company is planning to develop that area - I told Joan that copter may be doing some surveying.

Joan took that photo from our deck, with her iPhone.

This afternoon, I went out in search of the latest scooter tag.  Along the way, I stopped at the guard shack and met our resorts new General Manager, Chris.  Seems like a very nice and competent young man (as long as you consider 40ish young).  During our discussion, he mentioned "the activity" on the far side of our island - I found out what the helicopter was all about.

One of the residents whose home faces that area reported some people out in that undeveloped area.  Chris checked into it and determined that they were likely illegal aliens (he used to be with Customs and Border Protection).  When the guys were captured, there turned out to be 6 of them... and 250 pounds of marijuana.

We are about 6.8 miles from the Rio Grande River (and the Mexican border), again as the pelican flies ('cause we don't see many crows here).  Then, some flatlands; then, the Brownsville Ship Channel.  Then... yeah, our island.

There have been illegals caught closer to Brownsville, crossing the Ship Channel.  Authorities have found ratty old boats abandoned further up-channel.  If they come to our island, they still have to get off  the island... which means crossing the ICW, either by boat or the bridge.  Lots of older people on our island - if they see something, they will say something.

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