Monday, December 21, 2015

Shopping, shopping, shopping... feel my arches dropping...

Since I have been under the weather, then traveling - well, it didn't leave much time for Christmas shopping.  We met the kids for breakfast out, then parted company.  I dropped Joan off, then went off on my own.  I was surprised I could find a parking space, then pick my way through the crowds.  Plenty of people, but it wasn't bad.

Joan and I met back up for lunch.  Still getting better, I got a nap in this afternoon... I needed that.  Supper with Steph and Dan, some Izzy walking (she likes to go out after sunset), then settling in.  It was a full day.

A photo of Joan with grandkitty Tasha after supper...

Today was the first day of registration for "drone" owners.  According to the information, since I owned and flew mine before today, I didn't have to register until some time in February.  Some people are making a big fuss about this; I don't get it.  It took about 3 minutes online.  In the registration process, you had to read and acknowledge some "don't do" things about flying these... probably a good idea to state it, but it seems pretty obvious.  I am now a registered drone pilot.  Since I still hold a commercial pilots license, the FAA already had my info.

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