Saturday, December 26, 2015

Walkin' the cat...

In our house, Izzy is not usually referred to as "the cat."  Oh, I think she knows she is a cat, but she is used to hearing, "Sweet little Izzy," or "Isabella, you are so pretty."

We have spent most of the last two days at Steph and Dan's house.  Izzy does not play well with other... well, other cats.  So, she has been by herself much of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  When I came back to the coach to get her lunch yesterday, Steph came with me.  Steph is quite convinced that Izzy doesn't like her, but I don't see that... it just takes Iz a while to get comfortable with people (other than Joan and me).

After lunch, Steph went with us when I walked Izzy.  The walks are for Izzy's entertainment value - unlike a dog, she does not poop or pee outside.

This morning - early this morning - there was shopping to be done.  I took a pass and stayed home with Izzy.  Steph and Dan picked up Joan.  When they go back from their excursion, we all visited in the motorhome for a while.  I mentioned something about "a walk," and Izzy came out, expecting to go for one.  Hoping for some Stephanie/Izzy bonding, I suggested that Steph take her out for a walk.

Izzy looked at Joan, with that, "Is this OK?" expression that she has.

"Yes, you'll be fine."  I told Steph where to sit to get Izzy to come to her to get her leash on... and Izzy did what she's used to.  She looked at me one more time before heading out the door.

And, they walked together just fine...

Joan took the photo from a window in the coach - it is cold and windy out there.  But, it's good to see these two play together nicely.  (One of them gets a little jealous with all the attention... and the other is a cat.  ;-)  )

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