Sunday, January 10, 2016


Possibly the most disgusting thing I've seen - and keep in mind in my band rat days, I lived in a bus with 7 other guys.

We are in an RV park.  Well, they call themselves a "resort," but I think that is using the term kinda loosely.  In the front of the park, the sites are large (for an RV park).  I think it was laid out for park homes or double-wides, and that only partially materialized.  The RV parking in the back of the park is all pull-through sites, and they are very narrow; obviously not planned with slide-outs in mind, and these days almost all RVs have slide outs.

But, I digress.  We are in the front of the park, where the sites are large.  Behind and to the side of us is an older motorhome.  I am generously calling it "road worn."  In it is as single old guy with 3 little yapper dogs and one bigger dog.  As you would expect, he takes them outside regularly.  Not sure where the little ones crap, but the big one craps in the unoccupied site next to us; it is all a sandy gravel.

The old guy occasionally picks up after his crapping dogs.  The big one craps big.  Last week, I saw the old guy pick up something in the sandy gravel... I wasn't really looking at him, just happened to glance out the window.  He tossed it under his motorhome.  Since there is nothing but sandy gravel out there, you know where my thought process went with this.

I said to Joan, "I think I just saw the old boy in that ratty motorhome pick up dog crap with his bare hands and toss it under his motorhome."

She said, "Are you sure he wasn't wearing plastic gloves?"

The next time I saw this, I pointed it out to Joan, including the part about "look closely at the bare hands!"


This morning, he blew to top out of the "Ewwww Meter" - it was chilly out, he let the big dog out unleashed.  The dog took a steamin' hot dump in the sandy gravel.  A few seconds later (yes, it was still steamin'), the old boy came out and kicked a bit of sand on the excrement.  Then, picked it up with his bare hand and tossed it under his motorhome!  Then, wiped his hand on his pants.

Things do dry out pretty quick in the desert.  Not in a few seconds, however.  You just know that when that old boy pulls out of here, there is going to be a large pile of crap left in his space.  Maybe he has had to deal with the management here?  ;-)


Mark M said...

You just know its full of piss inside of the rv and smells like a dog pound.

Happy Gilmore said...

I'm sure you won't shake his hand..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Yeah, there will be NO hand-shaking!