Thursday, January 7, 2016

Expanding my vocabulary...

I think we have seen more rain in the 3 weeks we have been here in the desert than we saw all summer in the Pacific Northwest.  In the winter in the PNW, the weather weasels have a term that makes me chuckle: "sun breaks."  That's when the sun breaks through the clouds for a few seconds in the middle of days and days of gray skies and drizzle.

We just learned a new word here in the desert: "ponding."  When the ground is so saturated, the water doesn't sink in anymore.  In most places, that would be called "puddles."  Here, it is "ponding."  Well, according to some of the weather weasels.

For the record, we have had more days of sunshine than rain since we've been here.  But it is more rain than we've seen in our last few winters here.

Right now, the PNW weasels would say we are having a sun break... there is a teensy bit of blue sky at the horizon to the west.  Downtown Phoenix (east of us) is getting rain and small hail.

We put the rain day to good use and went to another movie today... yes, at the theater with the comfortable seats.  Jennifer Lawrence in Joy.  Joan liked it; I thought it was a bit slow moving.  Plenty of big stars in it, and a nice little story.  But, did I mention the cushy seats?  Joan booked our seats on her phone on the way there.  I really like that: reserved seats.  That are cushy.

A couple no-rain days ahead.  Little Izzy doesn't understand why there are no walks on these rain days.  Damn ponding.

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