Friday, January 22, 2016

The moon and the clouds...

A 50s love song?  Nahh.

We went to a movie again today.  Not the typical Robert De Niro film - Dirty Grandpa.  More like The Hangover meets Last Vegas meets Neighbors.  Raunchy humor.  Lots of swearing... really, it made me look like an amateur.  But, it was funny.  In a slightly I-hope-I-don't-see-anyone-I-know kinda way.  De Niro has been in a lot of movies the last few years.  I remember thinking, "De Niro in Meet the Fowkers?  Turns out, he is funny.  Especially playing that tough-guy routine.  Which he is doing again here.

We both laughed our way through it.  But, don't tell anyone.  ;-)

After "burger Friday" out with Steph and Dan, we saw some interesting clouds with the moon peeking through...

Contrails from the planes landing at Sky Harbor (PHX).  Quite a sight.

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