Tuesday, January 5, 2016

You can't go back...

No, I am not talking about Texas, after being in Arizona.

Another rainy day, and several more coming up.  That's OK - we have been wanting to see a few movies; this weather provides an incentive.

Steph and Dan like the AMC Theater that is in one of the bigger malls here; we haven't been to that one.  We were told it has electric recliner type seats, with only about 40 overstuffed seats in the theater.  My thought: "How do they make any money with so few seats?"

$37.50 for a small soda.

Yes, I am kidding... but not by much.  My opinion changed when we went into the theater - the seats are wonderful!  More comfortable than our Lay-Z-Boy recliners at home.  Even with the seats reclined and the footrest up, there is plenty of room to walk by them in each row.

I love this place!  It is going to be hard to go back to our little 4 screen theater at home, with the seats that are about 30 years old... if you sit down and the back doesn't almost fall off, you have found a good one.

"What was the movie?" you ask?  Honestly, I don't give a furry rat's rear - I just want to sit in those seats all day long!  Oh, it was Daddy's Home, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.  The movie was kind of predictable, but plenty of funny bits.

After the show, we were right there at the mall, so it was good to stretch our legs without being in the rain.  Yeah, just like little old "mall-walkers."  Well, except we did some shopping.  And some buying.  I just wanted to buy some of those theater seats... but, I can't figure out where to put them in the motorhome.

From there, I wanted to check out some scooters.  The nearest dealership is the DTB (Dirty Thieving Bastards) who stacked on a bunch of bullshit fees when we got a price quote from them when we were shopping for our PCXes.  No, we didn't buy them there, and wouldn't buy anything from them, because... well, they are DTB (see above).  But, they did have scoots we could check out and sit on...

They have some non-current models are pretty attractive prices... before adding on their aforementioned bullshit fees.  No, I didn't ask for a price from them.  We are not looking to swap out our PCXes, but would consider a slightly bigger two-up scoot.  Joan liked the Yamaha Majesty (the red one in the lower image), I kinda preferred a Suzuki Burgman (the silver one next to the red one).  Our need isn't immediate.  OK, it isn't a "need"... more like a "that would be nice to haul on the back of the motorhome and still be able to tow a car."  At some point.

The rain lightened up as we drove towards the west side of the Valley.  Back at the motorhome, you can hear a light pitter-patter on the sunroof.  I'm looking around... nope, no place for those theater seats.  ;-)

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