Thursday, March 3, 2016

3 miles before breakfast...

Oh, I know what you're going to say: "Didja just twist the throttle and let the electric motor do the work?"


Nice and cool this morning, in the 60s.  It is going to be in the upper 80s today, so I took the bike out for some exercise before breakfast.  All around the RV park, out past storage, and onto the walkway out side the park.  Nice ride.

When I got back, Joan had a breakfast fruit-plate for us - dining outside under the awning of the motorhome.

When I took off for the ride, I dropped garbage off at the dumpster at the end of the street.  Seems this bike is like the scooters: people want to ask you about it.  A couple out for a morning walk looked at the bike when I got off... "Is that electric?  How does that work?"

Same thing when I got back to our site - the guy across the street came over to ask the same questions.

Still in the learning process, but getting more comfortable with the bike.  No on/off switch for the headlight, you control that with one of the pedal assist buttons.  The light on the back isn't wired into the main battery... a series of button pushes gives you a bright red, a less bright red, a flashing red, and three flashing reds.  Not sure I'll be doing much in the way of riding after dark, but nice to know the lights are there if I want to.

Between the gears and the different level of pedal assist, it is easy to keep the pedaling at a consistent pressure.  Checking into the range further, the manufacturer says 10 miles minimum (I assume using just the throttle with no pedaling) and 25 miles maximum, with pedal assist.  YMMV.  ;-)


Mark M said...

When are you getting the Hoveround and heading to the Grand Canyon? B-)

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hoping that is a LOT of years away. I had to look up "Hoveround."