Sunday, March 13, 2016

Be careful what you wish for...

When we were in the desert, with humidity levels in the teens or less, we both wished for more humidity.  Yesterday was a perfect weather day for our arrival back home: sunny, high in the mid-70s, and reasonably low humidity.  Today, the high got well into the 80s, sunny, windy, and the humidity is around 12,000%... of course, I am exaggerating - it is closer to 15,000%.

We convinced ourselves that the switch to Daylight Savings Time was insignificant, since we aren't on a schedule.  The sunshine has other ideas, as does Isabella when she thinks it is time for breakfast.

Joan made us a nice breakfast, then suggested we get the guitar room set up.  It was fun taking a moment to play each wood guitar, since the carbon fiber guitar is what travels with us.  Then, it was time to take on the cargo trailer.  Unstrap fat bikes, move other stuff, unstrap scooters, then set up the trailer for being the "mobile garage" while we are here.

Yes, I wanted to go play with the bikes or the scooters, but there is other stuff to get done... moving on to getting the deck set up.  Getting stuff out of the storage area under the house.  In the wind and humidity.  Any concern I had about "forgetting how to sweat" dripped away.  It is Spring Break here in the Tropical Tip - if there had been a wet t-shirt contest for the person who got their shirt the wettest, I am pretty sure I would have been a contender.  The only part of me not sweating was my teeth.  I think.

Joan then suggested that Big Red (the pickup) was in dire need of being washed.  We took it over to SPI and the new car wash there.  I was concerned about the traffic, but it wasn't bad.  "How about a late lunch?"

"Sure."  We stopped to pick up some chicken before heading back home.  Then, thankfully, a soak in the jacuzzi tub and a thorough scrubbing.  Interestingly enough, I don't think I was any wetter in the tub than I was while out working on the trailer.

I think it is going to take us a while to acclimate.  ;-)


John and Kathy said...

I saw this Tshirt and immediately thought of you

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Cool shirt, John, BUT... are you calling me an "old man"?? ;-)

John and Kathy said...

I know, it should have read "experienced"