Sunday, March 6, 2016


Steph asked if we wanted to go play bingo tonight... "Sure!"

It is an interesting bingo hall, a non-profit that put money into several community charities.  Unlike the casinos, you can bring in outside food and drink.  They also have a service group selling food, if you don't bring your own.

Yes, we brought Tastee sandwiches.  And snacks.  Dan and I got the bingo cards while the ladies settled in.  Once again, I think my bingo cards had unlisted numbers.  No wins from our table as we enjoyed the 15 minute intermission.  A few games after intermission, it was Joan's turn for a win... a couple just down the table from us called "Bingo"... but it was after the next number had been called... the number that made Joan a winner.  If you don't call "Bingo!" before the next number is called, you lose out.  Not sure if the couple had a winning card or not, but their bingo was declared invalid.  Joan, however, won $150.  Nice profit for the evening.

I didn't get a photo at the bingo hall, but this is the winning card that will go on Steph's fridge...

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