Monday, March 21, 2016


Oh, what a beautiful morning...

Almost makes you wanna sing show tunes, huh?  That's the early morning view up and down our canal.  A cool morning, not much wind.  Nice change of pace.

Joan said, "Let's get to the store early today - we need fruit."  As I have mentioned over the past few days, you plan outings around spring break traffic.  Early is usually good, because the kids aren't up, yet.

So, off to Wally World.  A good sign: the parking lot was relatively empty.  Inside, the aisles weren't crowded.  We picked up a few things for the bicycles... Steph will be happy to know that we bought helmets.

On to the food.  College age kids were beginning to show up.  I'm guessing two distinct groups: those who are already here and need food for breakfast... and those who have been driving all night and just arrived.  I have to laugh when I look at what they have in their carts at checkout: 3 guys, 4 cases of beer, a dozen eggs, and a football.  2 guys, 3 cases of beer, a bottle of margarita mix, two dozen eggs, a bottle of hot sauce, and two pairs of flip-flops.  3 girls, two six-packs of beer, some fruit, two bags of chips, and two boxes of feminine sanitary items.

Yep, all the essentials.

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