Saturday, March 5, 2016

It brings tears to my eyes...

Seeing my lovely wife and my beautiful little girl cooking together...

Maybe it's the onions?

Probably not the meat, though...

They started with 5 pounds of hamburger.  You can tell I am not a part of this cooking extravaganza, when I said, "You're boiling the meat?"  Added the "secret" spices.  Chopped up the onions.  This place is smelling good!

Time to put the batter on the onion chips...

We're getting close!

Tastee Inn & Out day in the Valley of the Sun!



They say "you can't go home."  The reason being: by the time you go back, "home" has changed.  This meal brought us all home.  We talked about times in SUX.  We haven't been back there in almost 5 years.  This recipe hit it right on.  The only thing missing was eating in the car.  ;-)

As long as the deep fat fryer is hot, the next step is frying up some sweet treats!!

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