Monday, March 7, 2016

OMG! She won 3 Million!!!

Bonus points.

We frequently play music trivia, as in: name the band/artist that did this song.  An easy answer will get 100 bonus points; a hard answer will get as much as 500 bonus points.  A song where I don't think she will have any idea who did the song will get offered at a million bonus points.

Today, Joan guessed "Wilson Pickett" for Land of 1000 Dances.  She knew that??  Yes, she hammered in two more "How did you know that?" answers!  The Grass Roots and Guess Who.  She has me figured out when I say, "Guess Who did this song."  If I stump her, it is funny... because that is a statement, not a question.  Sometimes, I can ask: "Who did this song?"  ;-)

For the record, the bonus points have no cash value.  BUT, you can accumulate them, and there is a certain prestige in being the holder of a high number of bonus points.

We did some running around today - picking up a few things before we leave the big city.  While on the way to meet Steph and Dan for lunch (at Oregano's, a family favorite), we passed by this...

This ain't no Cool Hand Luke...

Yes, those are striped prison garb.  You have to appreciate Sheriff Joe.  Criminals do not get coddled here.  Cue the music... "Workin' on the chain gang..."

If you said, "Sam Cooke or Devo," you get 150 bonus points.  ;-)

Cool weather has moved into the area, with a high of only 70º today.  And, gusty, dusty wind.  Looks like we'll have more of that as we trek east.

Some time with our sweet daughter and son-in-law today, then we are back On The Road Again tomorrow.  Yeah, that one is only good for 50 bonus points... if you said, "Willie Nelson."



Mark M said...

Love the blog. Scoots, cats, Arizona, honorary Texan.y parents are lookin for RVs, they didn't like the Ford cause the footwell for the passenger was small (their words.) They are looking at Mercedes and Chevy ones. You said your friends have a rv book? Link/info

John and Kathy said...

To Mark M, here is a link to the store page on our website where he can get an autographed copy.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Well, I see John answered for me. Great info in John and Kathy's book for those who want to know more about the RV lifestyle, how to buy one, etc, etc.