Friday, March 11, 2016

Relaxed pace...

After several days of driving, wind and rain, it was nice to be in one place.  Sorta.

We got an Enterprise rental car, from a different place than the one I mentioned yesterday.  They picked us up... an hour ahead of time.  Good thing we were dressed!

Back at their office, we did the paperwork, then went out for a leisurely breakfast.  Time for my annual shoe stock-up, with a trip to the SAS factory.  Joan found a couple pair that she liked too.  The only other shopping we were interested in was for groceries.  After that, a to-go meal for later from Carino's, then back to the coach.

Stuff put away and a repair to a sticky shade on our screen door.  Joan did the work, while I did the internet research.  Easy.

Then, Joan suggested we take the rental car back today instead of dropping it off in the morning... a good plan, since I would have to try to squeeze the motorhome into the oh-so-small parking lot at Enterprise.  They gave us a ride back to the coach, and we have the rest of the afternoon to kick back.  The predicted rain hadn't moved in by mid-afternoon, but the sky is looking pretty ominous.

Tomorrow, for the run south, is supposed to be nice.  IF you trust the weather weasels.

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