Friday, March 4, 2016


On the new bikes - not ready to pull up stakes here, just yet.

Another warm one here in the desert; we chose to get a ride in early.  Well, in time for a 3 mile ride to a Mexican restaurant for a breakfast burrito.  We did some bike paths, bike lanes, off road, and a bit of road where there was no bike lane.

Breakfast was good.  The battery on my bike moved from full to 3/4 around 12 miles on the trip odometer.  By the time we got home (6 mile round trip), it was occasionally flickering between 1/2 and 3/4 (at 18 miles).

With a ride to try the ergonomics, we made a couple adjustments to Joan's bike when we got home.  Then, time to work out a plan: how to get all this stuff in the trailer and get it home in one piece.  We did a "test fit" with the scoots and the bikes...

We'll need to buy some padding material to keep things from rubbing, but I think will get the job done.

Haven't been ignoring the scoots.  The current scooter tag is: your scooter in front of a house you admire.  I am kinda partial to cruising homes...

Nice Winnebago Tour; I didn't have to work to hard to find that.  ;-)

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