Thursday, March 17, 2016

Social butterfly...

Joan was working on some food prep, I went out for a bike ride.  Well, a ride was the plan.  Before I could get my bike out, one of the neighbors stopped to visit.  Not that that is a problem - we have very nice neighbors, and it has been 3 months since we've seen any of them.

As that visit was wrapping up, another came by... tag-teaming!  I eventually got out on the bike.  And, it was a great ride.  The more time I spend on the ebike, the more I like it.  During my ride, I stopped to visit with another couple, who will be heading north soon.  Back to the house, and before I could get the bike put away, another neighbor came by to visit.

Back in the house, Joan asked how my ride was; when I told her about the various visits, she said, "Well, aren't you the social butterfly."

What can I say - it is a friendly neighborhood.  :-)

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