Saturday, March 5, 2016

They have a plan...

Joan and Steph, that is.

Steph and Dan came to our place after work yesterday.  We had a nice supper out - an early celebration for Steph's birthday, since we won't be here for that.  After supper, we came back to the motorhome, and Steph and Dan got to try out the e-bikes.  I think they enjoyed them... Steph made 4 laps of our section of the park.  ;-)

Now, for "the plan"... and it has been in the works for a couple weeks.  Today is Tastee Day!

Some background: we are from Sioux City, Iowa.  People from Sioux City know about the Tastee Inn & Out.  Long before McDonalds and all the other fast food places had drive-through lanes, the Tastee had "drive-through dining."  You stopped your car at the first available speaker in line (there were 4 speakers) and ordered your food.  You paid at the window and got your food.  Then, most people pulled into the parking lot and ate in the car.  Sometimes, Joan and I would take the food to a nearby park... most of the time not... because the food was just too good to wait.

Another thing people from Iowa know about is: loose meat sandwiches.  Use that phrase in any other part of the country, and people are grossed out.  Many restaurants in Iowa have their own recipe for loose meat sandwiches.  But, Tastee Sandwiches (their loose meats) are unique.  All loose meat sandwiches start with cooked hamburger, but "loose," i.e. not in a patty.  Other parts of the country have their own name for these: Made Rights, taverns, Whimpies.  But, no one makes them like the Tastee Inn & Out.  Their recipe is a secret... like the recipe for making Coke.  Or, the Colonel's 7 secret herbs and spices.  People have offered to pay for the recipe, but it isn't for sale.  Many have tried to duplicate it... especially Iowans who have moved away.

Today, Joan and Steph will give it a shot.  Not just the Tastee Sandwich, but also the Onion Chips & Dip.  My mouth and belly are looking forward to this.

Those not from Iowa are generally not impressed by their first bite of a Tastee Sandwich... "Tastes like hamburger.  But, 'loose.' "  By the second bite, you notice that there are some other ingredients in there besides hamburger.  The second bite is when you also get a bit of the pickle (one thin pickle slice per sandwich).  By the third bite, your taste buds are aware of something wonderful... way before your brain has the chance to say, "I wonder if this is addictive?"  It makes me think that, perhaps, one of the secret ingredients in a Tastee Sandwich is crack cocaine?  If so, then the Onion Chips and Dip must be made with heroin.  The fourth bite - and you are done.  The sandwiches are small.  It keeps you coming back for more.

Warning: upcoming "when I was a kid" story.  Really, I warned you.  Remember when McDonalds used to advertise "You get a meal and change back from your dollar"?  You could get two Number 1 Specials for a dollar at the Tastee.  Number 1 Special: a Tastee sandwich, fries, and a small soft drink... 49¢.  No, they aren't that price these days.  But, back when Joan and I were dating in high school, we could eat at the Tastee for a buck.  Of course, back then, gas was 25¢ per gallon and we could "cruise the loop" or drive out to Stone Park for another buck or two.  But, I digress.

Ask anyone from Sioux City... they know about the Tastee Inn & Out.  Even if they haven't been back to SUX (the airport identifier for Sioux City) in decades, you will notice their mouth drooling like Pavlov's dog when you mention "Tastee."  It is a universal Sioux City thing.  They also know their hotdogs... but there are two camps for those from Sioux City: Coney Island or Milwaukee Wiener.  That would be another post, though.  This is about the Tastee.

I am looking forward to this afternoon.  (Drool)

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