Monday, March 14, 2016

Yeah, I know: without photos, it didn't happen...

Big decision: make a run out to the motorhome storage or bring the motorhome in?  Either way, we have to go to storage.  We decided to just take a few things out there, and bring the rest of the stuff that needs to come back to the house.  The coach can stay there, and we'll go out sometime in the next week or so to give it the thorough bath it needs (after driving through all that rain).

On the way to the storage, we went by a guy alongside the road (typical thing around here) selling big Easter Eggs and giant Easter Bunny piñatas.  No, I didn't get a photo - we went by it too fast.  Thought we'd catch it on the way back, but he was gone.

My first thought was... what does that do to a kid's psyche to whack the hell out of the Easter Bunny, until he comes apart?  The Easter Bunny is supposed to leave the candy, not get whacked to pieces to get the candy.

Here's a file photo to give you an idea...


We got out on the e-bikes this afternoon.  The pedal assist works great for pedaling into the wind!  Pedal assist level 1, 6th gear going with the wind; pedal assist 2, 5th gear going into the wind.  Still doing a bit over 10 mph.  Wind blowing 15 to 18 mph... that would be a real slog into the wind; the assist made it about the same effort.


Happy Pie Day!  Well, π Day.  You know: 3.14.  Pi.  Also, March 14th.  That's a chuckle for my math-teaching daughter.  π - the mathematical ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  3 (as in: March), 14 (as in: today is the 14th).

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