Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Our new office is open.  The road to our RV site is closed.

We took the car into town for lunch.  After lunch, we walked down to the waterfront - our office is open!  There is still work to be done, but we will be able to take and make phone calls, have internet, and face-to-face contact with guests, including check-ins for boarding the boats.  This is a big deal for us... and, it is looking great!  (I'll get an interior shot another day - there is a very nice looking photo-collage wall behind the sales counter.)

We walked up to the grocery store before heading home.  Yeah, more road work - the flagman at the intersection leading to our site said, "This road is closed."

"We live on that road."

He looked at the license plates and asked, "Are you sure you live on this road?"

"You think we don't know where we live??"

I think we made our point.  He had us turn around, then let us through.  They have just laid down one lane of top-sealer for the chip-seal.  We were able to get right to our driveway before having to cross the still wet lane.  They had another worker at our driveway - and all the driveways on this short stretch of road.  We made it in just before the truck came by to put down the oily sealant on the other lane (that would have been an ugly mess on a pretty pearl white CR-V).

Yep, we are in for the day.  I was thinking we'd get in a scooter ride this afternoon.  I was wrong.

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