Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Summer Solstice...

And a full moon.  Glad to have a day off.

I'll try for a moon shot tonight.  No, not dropping trou.  My little pocket camera may be on its last legs.  I do wear 'em out, and the blades that cover the lens when it folds in have gotten crunched somewhere along the way.  The lens comes out, but I have to open the blades by hand.  They are a bit crunched.  The camera gets carted on the scoots, tossed into my gear bag on the boat, and stuffed in pockets.

No, there isn't a camera shop on this island.  But, we do have internet.

Joan made my heart happy when she said those magic words this morning: "Let's get out on the scoots."

I'm in.

1 comment:

Hudson River Boater said...

Thank you for not drop'N Trou--Lol.. I'll keep ride'n along with your Blog though..
The Moon ain't up here yet-- I'm sure it will cross our Sky sometime tonight..