Saturday, June 4, 2016

Memories, light the corners of my mind...

... misty, water-colored memories... of the way we...

Corners of my mind?  Pretty sure I have some dead ends, but I'm not aware of any corners.

Several years ago, when we emptied out a storage unit in Texas, we put a bunch of photos at Steph and Dan's house.  They were very gracious about allowing us some space in the garage and a closet.  You know how it is with photos: "Who is that person?"

"I have no idea.  But, we better not throw it away."

It is hard to get rid of photos.  When my sister and Mother passed, we added more photos to the "collection."

Today, after getting some home repairs done at their house, we started going through photos.  There were a lot of "Oh, remember this?"... and, "I was really skinny back then!"... and, "What were you thinking with that hair-do??"... and, "Oh, look at this photo of _________ (insert the name of every childhood pet)"... not to mention: "Your report card from 4th grade - look what your teacher wrote about you!"... and the obligatory Steph question: "Are you sure about your parentage?"

Plenty of professional family images... we had an in.  ;-)  I'll try to get some of these copied to digital.  For now.


Hudson River Boater said...

My Lord-- That's a PROJECT I've been meaning to do myself.. 100's of Fotos to go through..

Hudson River Boater said...

some times the "Corners" of my mind get kinda dim..