Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Morning Blues...

They were just talking about that on the Today Show; coming up with music motivation to get you going on a Monday morning.

I love Mondays!  It is the first of our three days off... the start of our weekend.  And when we aren't working, every day is Saturday.

It is a beautiful day here on San Juan Island.  The sun is shining.  No breeze.  Before breakfast, we sat outside with Izzy.  It makes my heart happy to see Iz in the grass and the sun; Joan sipping her coffee while sitting outside the coach.  The awning is out.

There will be some scootering.  Lunch out.  Leisurely grocery shopping.  Yeah, I don't mind grocery shopping when you don't have to do it on a schedule.

Starting week 3 here today.  Nice to have the sunshine.

Little Izzy enjoying her Monday morning...


Yesterday, when Joan got off work, we went out for some fine Mexican food...

Dining outdoors.  In the absolutely beautiful weather.

From there, we meandered around Friday Harbor a bit, eventually getting down to the marina.  Not living in the marina again this year, we don't often get to see the prettiest part of the marina...

Not living on a boat for the summer, we don't get this view unless we go there intentionally.  The commercial part of the Port of Friday Harbor is to the right of this view... and rarely this serene.

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