Thursday, June 23, 2016

So, the weather weasel sez: "It's a beautiful November day out there..."

Yeah, this is June.  Gray and rainy.

We'll see if there are folks out there who want to go looking for whales in the rain.  The whales don't care - they're already wet.  ;-)


On edit: Joan called from the office... "Bundle up, you're going out."

55º at 10:30 - the forecast is now for rain off and on for the afternoon.


2nd edit: Yep.  It rained.  The report I had when I first got to the boat put the whales to the west of Discovery Island (southern tip of Vancouver Island).  That's doable.  By the time we were ready to head out, this group of transient whales had moved east (towards us); there was another group of residents too far to the west... so, we're going to see some transient Orcas today!

It rained off and on while we made our way into Haro Strait.  At first, we came across two transients, a large male and a female...

We enjoyed viewing them for about 40 minutes before heading further southwest to see another group...

We saw this group catch and kill a harbor porpoise; then gave the young one the opportunity to get his teeth on it.  Nature.

It was some interesting viewing, and nice people on the boat.

Thanks to the rain, Izzy didn't get a walk or six today.  Here's a look at that sweet little face poking out of her blanket this morning...


Kent said...

Love the Pics.! Mother Nature is who she is-- She will do whatever she wants.. Nobody can change that.. Some may try to predict what's on her mind and get it Wrong-- They still get Paid though..

This may be ask'n a bit much but-- Can you post a Utube of some Whales??

If I didn't live on the Right Coast-- I would defiantly come for a Excursion to see some Whales with you..

MarkJ said...

Terrible weather Jim!!! Only 98 with a heat index of 109 yesterday in Okc!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Kent. I haven't shot any video of the whales - I have my hands full at the helm and am lucky to get a still shot here and there. Google: Southern Resident Killer Whales, and I am sure you will come up with some interesting video.

Hi Mark. Four layers yesterday. And a wool cap. And gloves. Nicer today - only 3 layers and didn't need gloves. I like the warmth, but "heat index" is along the same lines as "wind chill" - only makes you FEEL more miserable. ;-)