Saturday, June 11, 2016

That was a change...

Last night, we had PBS on while we played some games - an interesting show about Hong Kong, then a couple cooking shows.  It was mostly background "music."  Joan did watch an episode of one of her favorite TV shows on her iPad.  Ain't technology great?

Going from the hot weather to the cool.  We didn't turn heat on in the coach, but plug in the electric blanket.  It made for comfortable sleeping.  'Twas a bit chilly in the coach when I got up this morning: 60º.  That is a change.  Yes, we turned some heat on.

Second to the last leg of this trip today: on to Anacortes, where we will get final provisioning done before loading up on the ferry.


MarkJ said...

Ok Jim, the jealous bug is starting to hit. Heat on in June? Mountains? Ocean? REALLY?!?!?

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Mark. After the blistering heat in Phoenix, the cool feels good. Izzy is happy to feel some grass under her paws. Yeah, we had the heat on low again last night... good sleeping!