Friday, June 17, 2016

Well, that was different...

Working the boat out of Roche Harbor today.  Not unexpected, but no reports as we departed.  Heading southwest out of the harbor, we got a report for whales off one of the Canadian Gulf Islands, but within our range.  We made a beeline for the area reported, but the only boat that was with the transient whales had to leave before we got there.  We were not able to find them again.  It certainly wasn't from lack of trying.

It is a long drive back to Roche when you haven't seen whales.  We didn't have a second trip today, so came up with a tentative plan: let's get folks back to the dock and offer to take them out again.  Of course, I had to run that by the boss... he said, "Do whatever you can to make people happy."

We have another report for whales south of us, and there will be boats on the scene.  About half the guests took us up on that.  We made a quick turn-around and headed back out.  This situation would be considered ideal: the whales were moving quickly towards us... we would acquire them within a half hour of leaving the dock, then ride north with them (what I call: "Walking us back home").

It turned out to be the transient whales we saw yesterday, and two other groups - a very nice viewing...

VERY happy guests onboard.  I am considering this an "extension" of the first trip, not a separate trip.  In just under two hours, we had a great whale experience.

It turned a 3 hour trip into an 8 hour day.  And, it was SO worth it.

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