Wednesday, June 1, 2016

You may want to divert your eyes...

Over 100º today.  The next 4 days are predicted to be "record breaking heat."  Swell.

Steph and Dan had school meetings again today.  We did go to their house - laundry, haircut, and pool time.  With the heat, I expected the water to be quite warm... it was cooler than I expected.  You can try to "sneak" in, but "the boys" know the cold water is rising as you move down the steps.  Once in, it was refreshing...

Steph and Dan were out before 4:00, we we all got together for an early supper out.

I called to check on the tow bar and braking system install for the Honda... "They are just finishing it, but I don't have the final paperwork, yet."  We agreed to pick it up tomorrow - he wouldn't have to stay late, and we wouldn't have to rush to get the coach unhooked and driven to the service place.  Yes, we have to take the motorhome there, to make sure everything works, lights, and brakes like it is supposed to.

I'll be anxious to have the CR-V back.

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