Friday, July 8, 2016

Bound to happen...

Yep.  Got skunked.  There was a report for whales WAY west.

I headed that direction, on the premise that they would move east.  They didn't.  As I was coming back in, another report: whales about an hour and a half from us... not gonna happen for us.  I felt bad for our guests, but they were all very nice about it.  One family, Mom, Dad, and 4 kids were here to see some whales.  Yeah, everyone that gets on our boats is here to see whales.

When it was pretty clear that our "chess game" wasn't going to get us on the whales, our naturalist Sarah pulled up a jellyfish (the non-stinging kind) and a big ol' hunk of bull kelp to show the kids.  The parents knew we were working hard for them, and were understanding - Dad said, "Well, that's nature.  Maybe we'll get out here again to see the whales."

It was a foggy start to the day, but it didn't rain; the weasels were calling for a 40% chance of precip.  We even saw an occasional "sun break."  Saw eagles.  Seals.  But, no whales.  (sigh)

Stephanie sent us another photo of young Alfie...

He is a handsome boy!

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