Sunday, July 31, 2016

Every day's the Fourth of July...

If you said: "Saturday In The Park by Chicago," you get 100 bonus points!

I've had mentioned how crazy things get at Roche Harbor around the 4th of July - especially with all the dinghies parked too close to our boat.  There are signs where our boat is slipped that state "No mooring."  Someone tore down the sign that is right where our bow sits when we are tied off.  The result:

I can't imagine that anyone thinks that is a smart place to tie off their dinghy.  In order to get out, I had to move the dinghy right at our bow... the pointy parts on the back of the dinghy were straddling our bow with their motor sitting against our boat.

My preference would be to simply run over it as I rotate out, but that would make for a lot of paperwork.  ;-)

I needed to fuel and pump-out before my trips today.  I was just about to untie the lines to get to the fuel dock, when a ratty looking 40 foot boat pulled into the spot I needed at the fuel dock (where I can also reach the pump-out).  They didn't fuel.  They didn't pump.  The guy took the water hose at the pump-out and proceeded to rinse off his whole boat.  Obviously too cheap to get a slip, he took up space there for over a half hour.  Yeah, I have a schedule; I came in early so I could get a spot at the fuel dock.  Over half way through the season, I find I have less patience for stupid people.

It was a beautiful day: plenty of sunshine, not too much wind, decent sea state.  I mention that because the Vancouver (BC) boats canceled trips for the second day because of snotty conditions in the Strait of Georgia.  Not that far away.

I only had time for a couple shots; it was a long, busy day.

Turn Point...

Look at that peaceful water.  Some of our guests on the bow of the boat...

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