Thursday, July 21, 2016

Is the glass half full...

... or half empty?  I'm happy to have a glass.

If you consider summer to be from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the season is past the half-way point.  By the end of this work week (Sunday for us), we will be at the half-way point in our contracts.

It has been a different season.  Notably, the weather has been cooler and less sunshine.  More layers for me on the boats.

Joan is working in a new office.  Since the fire that destroyed the company office 3 years ago, the waterfront presence has been a portable building (we called it the kiosk).  A few weeks ago, we moved into the new building: it houses our offices, sales counter, retail space, and a coffee shop.  Our old office had a crew area and storage for boat maintenance parts and supplies - no space for those in the new digs.

I posted a photo on Monday of our new building...

We have 3 of the 6 offices on the lower (waterfront) level.  The yellow portion on top will house the restaurant - scheduled to open sometime in August.

The whale viewing has been different this year: more humpbacks and transient Orcas in the area; which is good, because the Southern Resident Killer Whales (J, K, and L Pods) haven't been around as much as last year.  The viewing has been every bit as good, we have just had to, at times, go further to get to the whales.  The Residents have been around the last two weeks or so - hope that continues.

The first three years we worked here, we lived on our boat in the marina.  It was a short walk to work for Joan, and me when driving one of the Friday Harbor boats.  A commute to Roche Harbor when I drive the boat there.  Last year and this, we are in our motorhome, inland... so, we both scoot commute to work.  I enjoyed living on the boat, but we have more room and amenities in the motorhome.  Izzy gets to be outside more.  It is quieter than the marina.

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