Monday, July 4, 2016

Izzy vs the deer, Part 2...

Happy Birthday, America!

We talked about going to the parade in Friday Harbor.  Then, decided to not deal with the crowds, parking, and standing.  Joan has worked in the office the previous 4 years and hasn't seen the parade.  My trips allowed me to see most or all of the parades, so I left the decision to stay or go to her.  It felt nice to lounge in this morning.

I did take Izzy outside for a while this morning.  When I went inside for a moment... yep, the deer came back...

Yes, I am shooting out the door of the motorhome.  Izzy's leash is attached to that white step-ladder.  I've never considered deer to be particularly bright animals (based on the way they run into traffic), but this one apparently had sized up Izzy's leash situation and knew how close it could get.

Izzy didn't go bat shit crazy this time, but slowly started stalking towards the deer.  I was surprised that the deer didn't bolt when it saw me at the door.  As Izzy got closer, the deer moved in an arc...

Being mindful to stay at a "leash appropriate" distance.  Izzy growled.  The deer "chuffed."  (I knew I heard that last time.)  When Izzy got to the end of her leash, the deer strutted off.  Really - moving like a strutting horse.

Iz wasn't all puffed up and mad.  She knew she could "chase off the intruder."  Pretty sure the deer has the situation sized up, too.  Who knows - maybe they'll become friends?

(Cue the Disney movie music)


We did have to go into town to get some groceries, timing it after the parade and during the community BBQ... town was packed.  The grocery store was packed.  We threaded our cart through the narrow aisles, got what we needed, and came back to our quiet little place.

I took Izzy out - she had to do a "perimeter check" of the premises to make sure the intruder hadn't returned.

On this 4th of July, we can rest easier, knowing Izzy is keeping our RV site safe for democracy.

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