Sunday, July 10, 2016

That feels good...

There is a plan: today is our "Friday," the last day of our work week.

Yesterday, I rode to work in a drizzle, it quit while I was on the boat, then rode home in a drizzle.  Joan was an hour behind me at work, and rode home in a drizzle.  She got home, and it quit.  More proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor.

This being a Sunday after a holiday weekend, it is what I call a "departure day"... more people will be heading for home than are coming to the island.  It is pretty likely I won't have a trip today.  So, I have a list of chores to take care of.  And, if I do have a trip, it will mean me coming to work around noon.  I will be able to get the chores done before work, if it goes down that way.

So, the plan: I drove Joan to work today.  When she is done, I will pick her up and we'll go out for supper.  Nice way to finish the work week.

The car looked like it had a layer of frost on it this morning.  Not the case, just the way the drizzle and dew was catching the morning light.  It was 52º on the drive into town.  Joan said, "I haven't tried our heated seats, yet."  She clicked it on.  Heated seats... on July 10th.  I already had the heat and defrost turned on.  On July 10th.

The local news/weather folks this morning were talking about "last year at this time"... temps in Seattle were in the 90s.  It was the warmest, driest summer on record in this area.  This morning they were talking about "Where's summer?"  The high today in Friday Harbor is forecast to be 68º.  On July 10th.

This is shaping up to be a very cool season.  Weather-wise.

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