Saturday, July 9, 2016

That's more like it...

Whales.  Lots of good viewing.  And, it was the residents (J-Pod)!

I got to the whales about 40 minutes out of Friday Harbor.  The forecast had been for wind around 10 mph between noon and 2:00, then dropping off; 0% chance of precip.  Leaving at 1:30, the wind continued to build through our trip.  It had been a bit lumpy coming through Cattle Pass and across Salmon Bank.  By the time I was ready to head us back, a couple boats coming that same way were saying that conditions had deteriorated and the waves were 3 to 4 feet.

I decided to go north over the top of San Juan Island - we'll see new scenery and get a better ride.  It might take a bit longer... but, maybe not, depending on how much I would have had to slow down for the conditions.  Along the way, we got some views of bald eagles, seals, and cormorants.  It was more typical for "summer conditions"... well, for the whales, not the weather.  It was cold out in Haro Strait.

And, after putting the boat away, it started raining as I walked to my scoot.  Doesn't matter - I have rain gear... and, did I mention: whales.

Not sure if it is the camera crapping out or if the cold affected the rechargeable battery, but I got a "charge the battery" on the screen.  Yep, no photos today.  And, it was a good day of whale viewing: we saw a couple breaches, some spy hops, and a cartwheel, along with the more typical behavior.

At home, little Izzy was disappointed when I wouldn't take her outside.  I found myself trying to explain "rain" to a cat.  It was easier to go with the good ol' standby: "Because I said so."  ;-)

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