Friday, July 22, 2016

There's probably some photos in there...

Two trips today on our Roche Harbor boat.  First trip, we went north into Canadian waters to meet up with J-Pod.  Blissfully quiet as far as other boats.  The whales moved south, eventually passing Roche, in time for us to get our guests back.  Yep, the whales walked us home.

There were whales that were closer (on the southwest side of San Juan Island), but the wind was ugly.  "How ugly?" you ask.  I visited on the radio with a Canadian boat who was with those whales - he described the conditions as "Chunky... very chunky.  I have people puking off both sides of the boat right now."

Yeah, I think I'm going to look elsewhere.  The whales to the north were further away, but the water conditions were much better.  And, as it turned out, a very nice time with the whales.  And, they were heading the right direction!

When I went to check the camera between trips, it said the memory card was full and the battery was about 1/3 above empty.  Checking it, a button got pressed for shooting in 4Kmode, meaning: even though I was shooting stills, the camera thought we were wanting to shoot in movie mode to pull stills out of that.  So... in between shutter button presses, it was recording.  Nothing.  Just filling up the card and running down the battery.

"But, Jim, you used to be a professional photographer," you're thinking.

Yeah, we didn't have this kind of technology back in the olden days.  We just took photos.  ;-)

So, when I get the time, I'll see if there's anything on the card.

We poked our nose out into Haro Strait on the second trip, then got a report of transient Orcas off the east side of Spieden Island.  There were 4 small kids on this second trip, so I wanted to keep the ride as easy (smooth) as possible; plus, the wind had kicked up even more.  The people were delighted to see the transients, and we had time for a tour along Spieden Island where they got to see some of the 4-legged wildlife and eagles.

For now, no photos.  I am nursing a cold (that Joan had last week) and just don't have it in me to learn a new skill.  ;-)


Yeah, it was a lot of wasted 4k video, but I pulled out a few stills.  A dorsal...

A bit late on the bottom photo above, but decent detail.

Our new fast boat Kestral rafted up with SeaHawk...

Before I left for work this morning, little Izzy outside...

Different camera from yesterday.  Crisp images; well, assuming I don't bump the 4K button and fill the card again.


MarkJ said...

Just want to say thanks Jim for the great daily pics and descriptions you post! I look forward to them every day!!!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mark.