Monday, July 25, 2016

Up and at it on a day off...

Well, it was a day off for me.  They were short-handed in the office this morning, so Joan offered to come in for a couple hours, first thing.

We sometimes do breakfast out on Mondays, so we coordinated the timing: I took the Blonde to work, came back to get Izzy some outdoor time...

Pretty backlighting on her, while she keeps the world safe for democracy and from marauding deer (none seen this morning).

A few minutes before Joan was due to get off work, I got us a table at the restaurant and ordered for both of us; the waitress said, "It might be 30 minutes before your food is ready."  They have to let people who might be waiting for the ferry know this information.

"Yep, we're good.  Oh, and wait on her coffee 'till you see her at the table."

It turned out to be a good plan.  Well, as good as a plan can be that involves getting up early on what is supposed to be a day off.  I may try to work in a nap this afternoon... it is a lot of work being a Cat Daddy, a house-husband, and a meal-timing coordinator.


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