Saturday, July 2, 2016

Well, that was new...

I got home before Joan today.  No, that isn't new.  Little Izzy and I went for a short walk... she wanted to stand, and my legs are tired from standing at the helm.  So, being a good cat Daddy, I let out her leash, clipped it around the step stool we have on the patio, then sat with her for a while.

I went inside to get some water.  I looked outside and Izzy had her back arched.  Looking around to see what got her riled, I saw a deer walking through the yard.  Izzy growled at it.  Yes, little kitties can growl.  Before I could get to the door, Izzy lunged towards the deer - the force of that 8 pound cat busted her leash loose from where I had it wrapped... she was going for the deer!

The deer looked at her like, "You know you're a little house-cat, right?"

Izzy was doing her "crouch and stalk" walk.

The deer "chuffed" at her.  I've heard bears chuff - I didn't know deer could chuff.

That didn't stop Iz.  Well, neither of them were giving any ground as I came running out the door.  The deer finally trotted off, looking over its shoulder occasionally.  Izzy was riled!  I said, "Come on, let's go inside."

She turned towards me and growled.

"Really?  What do you think you're going to do?"

I reached down to pet and soothe her, and she swatted at me!  This is the sweetest little kitty I have ever seen, and she was ready to take on anybody.  I hustled her inside - it took about 5 minutes before she settled down... she wanted to go back outside and take down that deer.


Speaking of deer: I saw 6 of them on the way to work this morning... 2 youngsters, 4 adults.  Of the 6, one seemed suicidal (running in front of me, then stopping), two others were just stupid, and 3 knew enough to move away from a moving vehicle... well, scooter.  The brakes on the Honda work fine.  Some people exercise to get their heart rate up... some of us test brakes.

Are these deer related to the dinghy drivers in Roche?

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