Saturday, July 23, 2016

Where'd they go??

The residents (Southern Resident Killer Whales) have not been around much of the summer, until the last couple weeks.  We have been able to find transient whales when the residents haven't been in the area.  Until today.

This is the first day for me this season where there were no reports.  Not just reports that were out of our range.  The residents have gone west out into the Pacific.  Lots of boats out and about today, and no one found transients.

We went south; through Cattle Pass and into Salmon Bank, looking for Minke whales.  Then, on to Hein Bank, where we did find a couple Minkes.  There were quite a few boats in that area looking... a sure sign that there were no Orcas to be found.

We took our guests to see an eagles' nest, with a youngster peeking out.  A nice fly-over by momma Bald Eagle.  And, came across a Golden Eagle - first I've seen one of those this season.  Seals and a Stellar Sea Lion.

I went through a lot of the boss's fuel while we searched.  It certainly wasn't from lack of trying to find them, but the Orcas seem to have taken a break.  Hope it doesn't last long.

I took a camera today, but never got it out of the case.  Busy at the helm.  And, it was cold out in Juan de Fuca... 4 layers kinda cold.  On July 23rd.  On the bright side, the wind that was howling yesterday didn't blow as much today.  Oh, there was some rolling chop on the water, mostly a left-over from yesterday, I think.

Nice guests on the boat.  I think they could tell that we were working hard for them.  Erick was the first mate/naturalist today, and he does a great job on the boat - friendly and enthusiastic.

One more day (tomorrow), and we are at our half-way point for our contracts.  I keep waiting for summer to show up.

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